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Fun Online Word Games To play

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Online Word Games

Online word games are an ideal pastime for a person waiting for an appointment or on a long train ride. Besides the intellectual gains, the ability to kill time is just one of the various crossword puzzle benefits we earn. The crosswords and a few other online word games on this list are fun, educative, and expand your word bank. That said, here are five online word games you can play.

4 Fun Online Word Games to Play

1. Crossword Puzzles: Crossword puzzles are one of the most popular online word games. They keep you entertained for as long as you play and increase your vocabulary. One key benefit of crosswords is that you learn to string difficult, tricky words together and use them in sentences. 2. Words With Friends: This online word game has a large community of online players. It bears semblance to Scrabble but with much more immersive gameplay.

3. Best Anagram Crosswords: If you love crosswords but are searching for something unique, Best Anagram Crosswords is an online word game you should try. Though it has similar layouts with crossword puzzles, the clues are anagrams of the words you are looking for. 4. Mini Crossword: You can find this online word game on the website of the LA Times. In the Mini Crossword, you have only ten clues that are no more than five letters long. These clues will help you solve the puzzles and fill in the grids.

Why Online Word Games?

Just as the gym is good for your muscles, word games are excellent at developing your brain muscles. They are entertaining and a great means of reducing stress levels. They test your vocabulary, logical thinking capabilities and help you make quality use of your free time doing so. Online word games are easily accessible and do not take up any space on your device.