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Crossword Mysteries and Sudoku Puzzles

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Sudoku Puzzle

Doing crosswords has always been a Sunday morning thing, alongside breakfast after catching up with the latest news. Although crosswords have been popular, sudoku, a math-based version of a crossword game, has also been laying around waiting for those brave enough to solve it. The rules of this game are very straightforward. All you have to do is fill in the empty block spaces with the numbers 1-9. The challenge is that no same number can be repeated in the columns or rows and they can each only fill up one space in a large block. It sounds pretty easy, right? However, some people still find it a task they are not willing to attempt in fear of failure, or simply using the reason that they are bad at math.

How To Solve Sudoku

Sudoku is a numbers game which means that there must be a formula that can be used to help you solve this puzzle. If you are a beginner and just starting out, here are some methods that you can try to get your head in the game. The first method you can try is to figure out the basics of this game and this refers to the layout. Typically sudoku is made up of a square grid that has 9 large squares inside. On the inside of those large squares, you will find 9 smaller squares that will be filled with the numbers 1-9. Depending on the difficulty level of the game, fewer squares will be filled in. A key aspect of identifying the difference between the large squares and the smaller ones is that the larger squares have a dark outline while the smaller squares have a thinner line. A basic rule to remember of the game is that every column and row must have all the numbers from 1-9.

Another method that can be tried out is to use the hints that have been given to you. Start by looking for an empty space in the squares and work around filling in the numbers that fit. You can also check for empty squares in the rows and columns. Another method is to add the opposite direction. This means, tracing down the columns and seeing if the number you’re trying to fill is in one of the columns. In that case, you know it can’t go in that column and must go in the other one. You can also work in a number group by noticing where a number has been placed all over on the board and see if you can insert any more of it.

Important Tips When Doing Sudoku

When filling out crossword puzzles and Sudoku, be sure to use a pencil instead of filing in your answers with a pen. Since crossword mysteries can sometimes be confusing, it is easy to make mistakes. Using a pen will leave your board looking messy and you will have a hard time trying to write over and change answers.