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Crossword Puzzles Benefits

Why Play Crossword Puzzles?

There have been several research projects on the subject of crossword puzzle benefits. While some are a little esoteric, most agree that there are several positive effects of playing crosswords puzzles—all contributing to increasing the quality of life. 

So grab your pen, get comfy and start solving. For most, it is free entertainment, as you can find crosswords in newspapers, magazines and on various online sites and dedicated puzzle apps. Of course, you can also buy books just with crosswords in them. So how do crossword puzzles benefit us?

crossword puzzles benefits

Improving Vocabulary & Knowledge

Solving crosswords often introduce you to words you would not commonly use. These uncommon words help to make the clues more difficult. A good dictionary is useful or a search engine.

There are even specific help sites on crossword puzzles, significantly to aid with cryptic clues. Look words up you don’t know, and very soon, you will have a collection of new, interesting words and sayings you can use.

Because most crosswords contain trivia, you will learn new things about entertainment, history, politics, science, and so much more.

Relieving Stress

We could fill this page with the list of stresses we have to deal with daily, even on a good day! Your head is filled with what needs doing, what you haven’t done, lots of noise that prevent you from relaxing. Crossword puzzle benefits include shutting out that noise. 

The focus and concentration you need to apply to figuring out the clues help you relax by giving you time out from your busy day. Some of the studies we mentioned earlier have shown that working on crosswords helps make us feel happier and calmer.

Boosting Your Mood

While we all accept that solving some crosswords can be a little frustrating, the lift you get when you complete one is so satisfying. The feeling of achievement and success triggers a physical reaction in the brain. 

In that, dopamine gets released. This neurotransmitter makes people feel good, so keep on solving the puzzles to feel better about yourself!

crossword puzzle benefits
crossword puzzles benefits

Keeping Your Brain Sharp

There are different studies as to how much solving puzzles helps prevent dementia. The most recent says that it doesn’t. A 2019 study by the University of Exeter, published by Science Daily, says there is a link between regularly doing crosswords and logic puzzles such as sudoku—in that there is an increase in mental acuity later in life. 

Remember when you are playing to get the most crossword puzzle benefits, be social. There is no reason not to ask for help, share the puzzle solving with another. This sharing improves social skills, reduces isolation and keep you communicating. A shared crossword can be loads of fun, try it and see for yourself