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7 Common Crossword Words And Clues

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crossword words and clues

Despite being a fun pastime with a rich history, the crossword puzzle game remains one of the most befuddling games in the world. Thanks to an almost limitless array of words, from archaic words to names of generally unknown places, the maze always features a few headscratchers. However, there are a few common crossword words that find their way to almost every game.

7 Commonly Used Crossword Puzzle Words And Their Clues

1. AIGRETTE: A spray of gems worn on a hat or in the hair. Although no longer a fashion item in modern times, it remains a common crossword head-scratcher.

2. EWE: A female adult sheep-often confused with you.

3. FLYSCH: A sedimentary deposit of shale or marl with sandstone or conglomerate common in the Alpine region of Europe.

4. KILIIM: A pileless handwoven reversible rug or covering made in Turkey, Kurdistan, and Iran.

5. RADIATOR: A device that keeps the engine of a vehicle cool.

6. TREBUCHET: A medieval military engine for hurling heavy missiles (such as rockets). Today, it is more commonly known as a typeface.

7. VOYAGEUR: A man employed by a fur company to transport goods to and from remote stations, especially in the Canadian Northwest.

How To Solve Crossword Puzzles

Solving crossword words and clues always starts with the clue. Read it carefully, and then backwards. Either a word – first or last – defines the solution. It may even be a phrase or the entire clue. Next look out for subsidiary indicators, as they give an alternative way to find the solution. Lastly, toughen up and avoid distractions. In as much as subsidiary indicators are helpful, they can also be inserted to lead you astray. Stay watchful.