Apr 12, 2018

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Weightlifting for Women (It is Better Than You Imagined)

Weightlifting for Women (It is Better Than You Imagined)

Wouldn’t you want to have a perfectly toned body too? Take up strength exercises. Traditionally believed to be a sport designed for the male physique, strength training, weightlifting, in particular, is proving useful in sculpting the female body as well. With women dominating the weightlifting space in the past few years, it is about time you took up the exercise.

As you think of the best cardio exercises for your body, and the best training gear, how about you throw in your shopping list dumbbells? Unlike dealing with tax fraud, it is about time to get over your fear of weightlifting – it could be all you need to bring sexy back.

Note: everyone has abs – it’s just that you have a layer of fat that is covering it up. Take up strength training to uncover what your body has to offer.

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Here are the detailed benefits of weightlifting

  1. It builds lean muscle mass

Since weight lifting raises your metabolic rate, you burn more calories in and out of the gym. Unlike cardio exercises, strength exercises stimulate EPOC – the after workout burn. EPOC, also known as the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This is the case because the weightlifting is an intense exercise that leaves the body burning off fats after your workout. The best part is that the if you work out for an extended duration, then you burn more calories.

When you use extra weight, in addition to your body weight, you strengthen the body and develop more lean mass. No, you won’t get bulky.

Also, when you build lean mass, the body’s natural ability to burn fats will increase.

Besides EPOC, weight lifting also increases your resting metabolic rate improving your body’s natural ability to lose weight even when you aren’t very active.

  1. Weightlifting builds your natural curves

Ladies, regardless of your current body shape, you have beautiful curves. Even when visible, you can enhance your curves through weightlifting.

Your muscles will ad an amazingly toned body that is super-feminine. The reason why weightlifting is safe for women, and why you cannot add too much bulk the same way a man would is because women lack the hormones for building bulky muscles and physiques. Therefore, all that weightlifting does is to create defined curves, strong and curvy hips, as well as a tiny waist.

  1. You’ll sleep better

Any form of workout relieves stress helping you fall asleep better. Working out also tires you out so that you fall asleep faster. Something else, like running, weightlifting stimulates the release of feel-good endorphins which uplift your mood. Isn’t is easy to sleep well if you are in a good mood?

  1. It reduces the risk of osteoporosis and injuries

Besides creating defined curves, weightlifting strengthens joints and tissues. You need strong joints and tissues to be safe from injuries. So, if you don’t trust your knees, ankles or wrists, lift those weights.

It also makes the bones stronger and dense, preventing osteoporosis. With osteoporosis affecting more women than men, weightlifting could be all you need.

  1. It boosts your confidence levels

There is something about working out – it makes you the happiest person (thanks to endorphins), and it also gives you the strength to face the toughest conditions in the day.

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