Feb 2, 2018

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Recreational Sports

Recreational Sports

To make a extended story short, I learned that there was an open managing position for the BC Hockey group and following asking just about everybody what they thought the most effective route would be, I am going to give it a shot. There are two significant women’s hockey leagues, the National Women’s Hockey League with teams in the Northeastern United States which is a skilled league and the Canadian Women’s Hockey League with teams in Canada and the United States, which is semi-experienced and is creating toward becoming a totally experienced league. The league joined with teams in Michigan and Ontario to type the 1st completely specialist league—the International Specialist Hockey League (IPHL)—in 1904.

Its rules differ from traditional hockey simply because there is no hitting and really little shooting, placing a higher emphasis on skating, puckhandling and passing abilities. The objective of the game is to score goals by shooting a hard vulcanized rubber disc, the puck , into the opponent’s purpose net, which is placed at the opposite finish of the rink.

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