Dec 16, 2016

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Airsports LLC

Airsports LLC

If heaven to you is a crisp, sunny morning at 1500 feet, taking in the fresh air, watching the earth slowly unfold beneath you as you fly more than an open countryside… then sport flying is for you! Founded by CEO Phil Doman, and consisting of leadership from NFL alumni Charlie Rogers and Jessie Miller and former Rutgers alumnus Mason Robinson, Air Sports Group is generating a stronghold in offseason football preparation in Central Jersey. As a result by way of hands and sports individuals learn discipline which is really significant in sensible life. Air Racing — Air racing is a sport involving airplanes competing more than a fixed course low to the ground.

Trampoline Park with 3 Basketball Hoops to Dunk and two,000 Sqft Dodgeball Trampoline. Luca Bertossio gets the Gold medal in the glider aerobatics at the FAI Planet Air Games 2015 in Dubai. We are Excited your Kids had a BLAST at our Trampoline and NINJA Course and appear forward to you bouncing back to see us soon! Parachuting and skydiving events have been on the Official Sports Programme of The Planet Games due to the fact 1997 Lahti. Launch will be jammed for a handful of weeks but they are polite and considerate pilots, so it will be as superior as it could be.

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